Lots of questions about play parks!!

How do you find them, where are they, what are the best one’s and which is more suitable for what age?? If you’ve been in Stockholm for longer than a few months you will have realised that play parks or “lekparks” are a big deal in Stockholm, especially towards the city centre. They are often part of bigger green spaces and have an “öppna förskolan” attached to them.

The best way to find play parks is to use the Stads website Stockholm.se This will give you the parks closest to you and also a brief description of what is available in the parks i.e. splash-pool, sand-pit etc. They are easy to translate into English!

Littlebear’s top favourite are:

  1. Vasaparken, Vasastan
  2. Gustav Adolfsparken, Östermalm
  3. Aspuddsparken,  Aspudden
  4. Rålambshovsparken, Kungsholmen
  5. Högalidsparken, Södermalm
  6. Kristinebergs slottspark,  Kungsholmen

Unfamiliar gems…

  1. Kronobergsparken, Kungsholmen
  2. Mulle Mecks, Solna
  3. Parkleken Skyfallet, Björkhagen
  4. Tessinparken, Östermalm
  5. Drakenbergsparken, Södermalm
  6. Stora Blecktornsparken, Södermalm

There are dozens more. Often the central feature in a kommun or centrum. There are a number of other resources available, too. However, a lot of them are not kept up to date. I’ve found it best to go with the City website as it is most reliable.

Kul på parken!