This guide provides a checklist, questions you might need to ask and a list of important papers to bring from home. It is by no means exhaustive. Depending on your circumstances there may be some additional routes you’ll to take but the overall basics are here.

As a non EU national you are required by Swedish immigration to apply for the right to reside in Sweden. You must apply for your residents visa before you arrive in Sweden and you can do so by applying to Migrationsverket (The Swedish immigration agency) online at Once you arrive in Sweden with your residence permit you are able to register on the Swedish Population Registry at Skatteverket.

Two ways you need to register

Having your personnumer and your ID card don’t necessarily mean that you are registered as residing in Sweden. It’s also important you remember to  de-register from your home country by contacting your regional and national civic offices when moving. This will simplify the registration process when applying for residency in Sweden.