Happy Monday indeed! Oh, what a happy Monday. Waking up to hundreds of notifications, social media link-ins and likes. All because of the wonderful article in The Local Sweden as part of their My Swedish Career series.

IMG_0544I really am honoured and delighted to have been asked to take part in the series, despite having HUGE imposter syndrome about having a career, at all! But to be serious for a moment, I’m so pleased that our story has been shared because it’s a universal one that doesn’t get nearly enough attention. Millions of families are in global transition every day, not just refugees, asylum seekers and displaced people fleeing terrible lives looking for safety. The lucky ones are being shipped around the world for work, love and family.  However, just because they are seen to have economic means, doesn’t mean they have the emotional means.

The migrant and expat community is an immense resource for information but it lacks the specificity newly arrived parents often need to navigate resettling in a new country or city. I can only hope that Littlebearabroad is able to fill a small portion of what is needed in order to support and encourage newly arrived parents in Stockholm and the rest Sweden.