We’re getting ready to head back to the UK on Monday for a few weeks and I am dancing on the spot excited…

What makes this journey more exciting is that we’ll be spending a couple of days in London seeing friends, revisiting old drinking haunts and being tourists!!

I’m also going to test out a couple of new Apps that have been developed for kids living or visiting London. Hoop – “find great things to do with your kids” and obba – London with Children both offer the chance for you find local activities, classes and fun things for kids to do in London.

I’ve also got a list of people, shops and boutiques that I’ve been following on Instagram that I want to visit whilst in the Big Smoke…aaaah so excited!!!


Oh Baby London

No Added Sugar

Elias & Grace

Elfie London

These little boutiques are superb and I am foreseeing littlebear being better dressed than me when we leave London.

One other little visit I need to make…Vicky’s Donuts…set up in Feb 2015 it’s the trendiest little bakery going right now. YUM!!!!!