I have to share that I wasn’t totally thrilled with the thought of going back to London as I had anticipated. On the train from Heathrow to Paddington I could feel my blood pressure bubbling and my heart racing as it quickly fell back into “London Life” pace. Perhaps it was the unique smell that all London Transport shares, 9-million-people-a-day-smell. 

I had imagined (dancing on the spot excited) that it would be all hipster fun, trendy hang outs and shopping trips to new boutiques but the harsh reality of day 1 has been a Very VERY tired baby, an exhausted mummy and trying to figure out the underground with a pram (we tried the baby carrier and I’m a weakling). Anxiety levels peaking!  

Having said that, however, I am blown away by the commuter “rat race” and their total willingness to help out a Mum on their own with a buggy on the tube. I’d heard horror stories about people being ploughed down during rush hour and buggies broken by stampeding crowds. Not a bit of it! People are falling over themselves to help out! Very British Proper! Oh, apart from lady who refused to move from the buggy priority space (meh?). 

And…in other good news, YOU CAN BUY BOOZE ANYWHERE!!!