Living in the northern latitudes we can’t rely on the amount of daylight to guide us on the time of the day. Without sunlight cues, our kids easily get confused when our days quickly transition from long and dark days in the winter to long and bright days in the spring and summer.

How many times in the summer have you heard, “But, it’s still light outside, it’s not time for bed!”

And conversely, in the winter, “What do you mean it’s only 2 pm? I thought it was bedtime.”

Not only have my kids struggled to disassociate with the amount of daylight from the time of the day but they also struggle to understand elapsed time — how long they’ll need in order to get ready in the morning.

I found myself giving them time blocks of, “You can watch one more show” instead of saying, “You have 15 more minutes of TV and then you need to get ready for bed.”

Understanding elapsed time is tricky for kids and with the disappearance of analogue clocks that visually display the movement of time with their hands, it’s even harder to get them to understand how many minutes are in an hour.

My first book, When the Clock Strikes on Halloween, introduces kids to the concept of elapsed time with large analogue clocks featured on every page. All kids start to learn how to tell time by the hours in förskoleklass (between ages 5 and 6) but it’s crucial to introduce the concepts prior to that age so kids are familiar and can learn more easily.

When the Clock Strikes on Halloween, © Lisa Ferland 2019

Not only does the book feature an analogue clock on every page, but the text is written in rhyming iambic trimeter which helps kids learn how to read independently.

The book has diverse characters so every child can see themselves reflected in the story and a fun Halloween theme that kids enjoy year round. The next book in the series will focus on Christmas traditions around the world.

As a multicultural, multilingual family, I want my books to reflect the diverse society I see around me and provide a source of fun for all kids to read.

When the Clock Strikes on Halloween is available for pre-order with extra educational bonus reward until May 15. You can buy it here:

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