I got an email the other day asking “what is  the equivalent of  the UK store ‘Boots Pharmacy‘ in Sweden?”

If I’m honest, I don’t think there is anything like Boots in Sweden. For a very short period there were a few Boots stores in and around Sweden but they were bought out by Apotek Hjärtat . Now, Apotek Hjärtat are owned by the supermarket ICA.

Apotek Hjärtat still have some ties to Boots, they stock the No7 cosmetics and facial care range. Unlike Boots, apotek in Sweden only sell pharmaceutical, bath and body and health essentials. They also do prescriptions from your Doctor, too.

There are several different brands of apotek in Sweden, some in store, some online or both:

But, for all you avid Boots fans still out there – Boots delivers to Sweden! If you are absolutely lost without it you can head to their Boots online international store and get it delivered to your front door.