It’s been just over a week since we found out that we’ve secured our first Littlebearabroad venue. Roslagsgatan 57 is about to be smashed over the face with a… I don’t know what the hell with. But, it’s all going on.

Many, many lovely, wonderful people have been getting in touch and asking if they can help and the resounding answer is YES!! There are a quite a few ways you can help.

I can’t stress enough how self-funded this project is. We’re investing everything we have (from our own plånboks) into making this space work with no support from public bodies or Stockholm City (not for lack of trying, trust me). Every little piece helps.



We need to make the space as comfortable, cosy and as welcoming as possible. This is going to welcome families fresh off the boat and those a little more long in the tooth, equally. Soft furnishings, office accessories, tables, chairs, rugs, coffee tables, plants are all welcome. You can find a list of exactly what we need here to get started. We also need toys, for all ages. Books and other kid related stuff. So, if you have something that fits the bill let us know. Or, if you happen to work for a furniture retailer or children’s sensory toymaker and you’d like to donate some ex-display or even brand new… we’d be DELIGHTED to take them off your hands and put them to very good use.

On the weekend beginning Fri 6th Nov we’ll be hosting an open house to welcome anyone to come and see the space, but also to drop off toys, coffee machines, a new kitchenette (!) you want to get rid of. If you have larger items that you’d like to donate, we can arrange a special pick up.


Littlebearabroad is a proud member of the Patreon network of creative communities. Patreon is a crowdfunding membership platform for individuals to support creative communities through donation. It’s a pretty unique and brilliant way for people to show their appreciation for the work others do in fields that aren’t yet seen as valuable.

If you can, we’d really appreciate your support in the form of a donation to our Patreon page. You can find out more about our goals and what the money you’ll be investing will be going towards. Anything from 10 SEK to 50,000 SEK + is welcome.

Littlebearabroad is aiming to be as barrier free as possible. No pay-walls, no access only memberships and a chance for anyone and everyone to use our services. You don’t have to have a specific migration status or work for a specific company and we especially couldn’t give two hoots who your partner works for, sheesh. That’s why platforms like Patreon are so good. It’s just community creators and participants investing in one another and offering their appreciation for the services to the community they provide.

Word of mouth:

From the outset, our bread and butter will be private hire events and classes for the venue to wash its face. As a previously owned dance studio, the space is perfect for yoga, movement, dance, drama, rehearsals, dojo, and health/well-being practitioners. Our community events will take place during the day with most of the late afternoon and early evening free.

If you know of someone who is looking for offsite space with a cosy atmosphere, put them in touch with us. You can email with enquiries. Our bookings are open for dry-hire, right now.


Do you have a driver’s licence that lets you drive a van? Do you have a van that we could borrow? With all the offers of furniture we’re receiving there are going to be some things we need to pick up. It would be an enormous weight off our minds to be able to pick the things up we really need.

Are you handy with plumbing? Or carpentry? Fancy showing off your skills at designing us some shelving units for our office? Or, perhaps you are a budding artist in need of a wall to hang your art on. We’d be delighted to offer some wall art a space or two.

Lastly, a site name! We’re still undecided about what to call this space. So far The Den has been most popular but we’re still open to more suggestions. Send them to us or comment below.