Leo's Lekland
Kungens Kurva

Kungen’s Kurva is now home to one of the biggest Leo’s Leklands in Sweden. It’s HUGE! It’s also recently opened, early 2017. We visited in the Spring of 2017 and had a total blast!


The soft indoor play centres have their ups and their downs. We’re not often in them, but when we do, we actually enjoy it! Like everything in life, it’s all about balance. Too much or too little of something is never a great thing. (Read, wine, cheese, alone time)…


Nevertheless, these huge play centres have everything and on a damp, cold, rainy Wednesday afternoon, they can be life savers. There’s also something for everyone, from babies to older kids. Often with two or more different cafes and eating areas. Our only issue, there are never enough toilets, especially for mini’s who are potty training or recently started going to the loo themselves. Our advice would be to bring a spare pair, just in case.


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