So we have taken the next step of our inskolning experience. Last week we had the first parental meeting at Littlebear’s preschool and we were, as usual,  clueless to what to expect from it. Should we expect to hear something more than that they are walking around in the forest and listening to stories all day long? And, are we expected to come with interesting ideas on how they can improve?

As I expected there was kind of an awkward silence thing going on as I arrived a few minutes before the meeting started. Yes, that is what you get when you fill a meeting with  people that have no idea what to expect and are doing parenting for the first time in their life. I can say one thing for sure: sitting around low tables on small chairs doesn’t make for a good environment to mingle. But the meeting started and we got a good insight into the educational plan and how the day to day activities looks for the children, and we even got a live demo on how a storytelling session is performed.

At the end it wasn’t much new information, but it was really great to get a glimpse of what the kids are doing everyday. And, what’s more important,  we got a great feeling for the teachers personalities. They are so full of joy and energy, and we know that Littlebear is among the best people that will bring her joy and knowledge every day.