I’ve just dropped littlebear off at förskola to spend the first day on her own. I didn’t even get a wave goodbye! She ran straight into the room waving to everyone.

So much for that first day at school anxiety. Having said that, there was a little boy, desperately upset, clinging to his mother as she tried to say goodbye. In some respects, I am so grateful littlebear is so independent of us.

Our third day of inskolning last Friday went off without a hitch. Other than waking up on the wrong side of the bed in a terrible mood, littlebear skipped into the school yard and spent her first morning outdoors with her new classmates. She even ate lunch and slept!

I came away from that day feeling relieved, confident and totally at ease with knowing where and who Stella would be spending her days with. It helped enormously that the teachers gave the parents their time to get to know them personally as well as professionally. I really hope that is the experience that everyone has. Perhaps it is because littlebear’s förskola is small and quite intimate but we already feel like we’re apart of their family.