Today I heard  about the most brilliant concept! Inflatable Kayaks…

If you didn’t know already, Stockholm is surrounded by a lot of water… hence why its called an Archipelago. But, being surrounded by a lot of water means using that water as a mode of transport and entertainment! The “done thing” in Stockholm is kayaking or paddleboarding. But like most housing in inner cities there is a lack of space when it comes to storing your kayak or paddleboard. SO, they’ve only gone and invented an INFLATABLE KAYAK AND PADDLEBOARD!!!! Pure. Genius.

We’ve bought two and if you think you’d like to buy one and support this blog at the same time click on the link below and get on it.

If the Summer continues in the same way as it has done for the last week I think 75 quid is well spent. That or fork out 500-600 sek everytime you want to hire one.

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