VIP (Very Important Papers)

Papers to bring from home (these must all be originals, except where stated)

Applying for permanent residency:
  • copies of the pages in your passport or national ID card, showing your citizenship and period of validity. You should copy both sides of the ID card.
  • a copy of a marriage certificate or the equivalent if you are married/common-law spouse
  • proof of national registration, a lease or proof of purchase for your residence, or another document showing that you have shared a home if you are common-law spouses
  • copies of birth certificates of accompanying children showing the names of the parents
  • consent from the child’s other guardian if they are not coming to Sweden or proof of sole custody. This can for example be a court decision, or a death certificate if the other parent is deceased. Applies to children under 18.
Applying for personnummer and ID card (these must ALL BE ORIGINAL):
  • Passport or national ID card.
  • Documents showing you civil status, e.g. marriage certificate.
  • As unmarried you do not need to show your civil status.

The following civil status exists:
married or a registred partner
widow or widower

  • Birth certificates of all your children.
  • If you have already begun your period of employment you can also bring pay slips.
  • If you are working in Sweden you will be required to present an employment certificate (anställningsbevis) from your employer, specifying that you will be performing work in Sweden.
  • The employment certificate must be signed by you and your employer and include the following details:

your name and your address
your employer’s name and address
your employer’s corporate identity number (organisationsnummer)
if you are employed on a fixed-term or indefinite-term basis or on a probationary or temporary basis
other employment terms including employment date, period of notice, working hours, holiday leave, salary and benefits
description of your duties
collective agreement (if applicable).