Today, I’m done with parenting. I’m bored with being the carer of a small child. I’m sick of it.0

I’m sick of being woken up too early, I’m sick of spoon-feeding someone and having it thrown back in my face. I’m sick of changing nappies and wrestling with a small walrus to put her to bed. Mostly, I’m just sick I can’t do what I feel like doing – nothing.

All of these are totally unexceptional reasons to be sick of being a parent but even parents are allowed to have days when they’ve just had it.

And, of course, I love my daughter unconditionally, blah blah blah…but, really. Today, I’m over it. So, I’m heading over to my friends house with a bottle of something-that-is-not-for-kids and we’re sitting in the sun whilst we watch the kids play in a ball-pit.