If you haven’t come across this celebration before there are some brilliant videos and websites dedicated to explaining the history, customs and traditions of Midsummer.

Sweden.se has created a brilliant Vimeo called “Midsummer for Dummies” which offers a “family-friendly” version of Midsummer. In 2005, Ikea produced a commercial to be aired in Germany about Swedish Midsummer which was so graphic it is was banned from TV. Of course, you can still find it on YouTube! Ikea – Midsommar in Schweden is definitely rated 18!

The other not so brilliant tradition is the weather… regardless of how sunny and warm it is, always bring your rain clothes! As for the Sauna, don’t forget your swimmers or if you really want to “go native” all you’ll need is yourself.



Have a wonderful weekend of singing, celebrations and sill!

Glad Midsommar Allihopa!