Top 10 play parks in Stockholm

Whether it’s skate parks, paddling, or simply a good co ee you and your family seek, Elly Waller rounds up
10 of the best parklek utopias in Stockholm.

Whether it’s skate parks, paddling,

or simply a seat in the sun for you while the kids play, Elly Vvaller rounds up

10 of the best parklek utopias in Stockholm.

illustrations by Elly VValler.


Grill - Humlegården

Humlegården in Östermalm is a fantastic lekpark with brilliant grilling facilities. An all rounder in our eyes. It has multiple areas to play and a lekhus or Öppna Förskola building with toilets, changing facilities and you can even warm up the baby food. The added bonus of it being at the heart of the city is just tops.

You can find out more information by heading to Humlegården’s webpage.


Music - Lurparken

Lurparken is situated really close to Telefonplan T-bana and in walking distance of Konstfack and Klättercentret. The park uses innovative design and physics to assist kids in exploring the world of sound and music. Large horns and metalic dome shaped dens introduce kids to the cause and effect of sound and vibration. It’s a fantastic way to introduce a little science and music into their lekpark fun.

If you’d like more details head to Lurparken’s Facebook page.


Animals - Blecktornsparken

You might have not automatically thought of Blecktornsparken when it comes to animals but they have plenty of them. Sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits, and more.

Blecktornsparken is situated on Katarina Bangata and next to Skanstull T-Bana. Their facilities include, grilling, Öppna Förskola, lekplats, Djurkurs and kids parties at the weekend.

For more details head to Blecktornsparken website.


Paddling - Aspuddsparken

Aspudden’s newly refurbished lekplats comes complete with a gigantic splash pond and fountains. It’s the perfect antidote to the mid-summer heat and has an outstanding lekplats right next to it. There truely is something for the whole family here. Plus, the amazing Vinterviken is just over the hill.

Head over to Aspuddsparken website for more details.


Sunshine - Vasaparken

Vasaparken is one of our favourite city parks in Stockholm. It’s situated on Dalagatan, Norrmalm and sits on a little hill. Because of this the sun hits the park all day! Perfect for soaking up some extra vitamin D and generally catching some rays. But, remember to take the suntan lotion…it can get pretty extreme in the summer months.

Vasaparken also holds all sorts of open air events. It’s a good idea to follow their Facebook page 


Skatepark - Rålambshovs

If you’ve got a skater girl or boy in your midst, you might want to check out Rålambshovsparken. It’s brilliantly cared for and Stockholm Suburban Surfers hold events and activities for kids during the summer months. But, not only does Rålambshovs have a great skate facility, the lekplats is pretty amazing, too. It has a multitude of play areas and splash ponds, as well as mud-pie kitchens, spooky forest and indoor facilities.

Check out Rålis Skatepark on Facebook or the Lekpark on the Stockholm Stad website.


Vision impaired - Båtmanstorpet

Båtmanstorpet is situated in Riksby, Bromma. It’s been formed especially with visually impaired and blind children in mind. Sound, touch and smell are used in equal measure. The areas and markings of the park are designed to be felt instead of seen and the play sets and climbing frames are hung with bells and tubular pipes that ring out when you swing or climb on them.

There is also a splash pond and fountain, small grill plats and sandpit. For more details, check out Båtmanstorpet Stockholmstad webpage.


Great Coffee - Bryggartäppen

Bryggartäppen is probably one of the most well known lekparks in Stockholm. It’s almost fantasy like with it’s mini-me town and old fashioned style. The name ‘Bryggar’ means to brew and, happily, it’s surrounded by a host of brilliant coffee houses. Il Café Södra and Cafe Pom och Flora are in walking distance of the park and with loads to do, you can sit and relax with a hot coffee (for a change).

For more details about how to find the park head to their portal page on


Technical - Mulle Mecks

Mulle Meck lekpark is located in the north of Stockholm in Solna and is 5 minutes from Ulriksdalsstation. Mulle Meck park is at the heart of Järvastaden and is based on the stories written by  George Johansson and illustrated by Jens Ahlbom. Mulle Meck is obssessed with junk and old trash that you can recycle and turn into new. He became an instant hit in the early 90’s as Sweden’s recycling movement gained momentum.

The park is full of upcycled planes, houses, and ingenious inventions. It’s a wonderful way for kids to explore reuse, recycle and repurpose.

For more info, check out Järvastaden’s website.


Tree climbing - Rosendals Trädgård

Rosendals is actually a very nice upmarket garden. The beautiful views looking over Djurgården and Stockholm compliment the gorgeous grounds. But, there are tree climbing opportunities that cannot be missed and some brilliant children’s areas and spaces to explore. Not only that, there is the most beautiful cafe and boutique filled with stunning flowers, gardening supplies and homeware.

This is a real ‘day out’ affair, especially in the summer months. You can even bring your own picnic and make the most of some of the more secluded grounds in the garden.

Check out Rosendal’s website for more information about the weekend activities that they host for kids and young adults.

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