Kid's theatre companies
in Stockholm

The Stockholm kids theatre scene is huge and thought to be some of the best in Europe. Award winning, progressive and creative!


1. Marionetteatern

Marionetteatern is one of the OLDEST children’s theatre companies in Stockholm. Established in 1958, Marionetteatern focuses on providing the highest quality of puppet theatre and shadow play theatre for children. The theatre company is based out of the Kulturhuset Stadsteatern and the majority of their productions are shown there.


Even more importantly, most of their shows are non-verbal and in English, too.


2. Dockteatern

Established in 1977, Dockteatern-Tittut started producing shows for children and slowly started producing shows even for babies. Using puppets and live actors, Dockteatern creates brand new productions and recreate beloved stories for the youngest members of the family.


The theatre company regularly collaborates with larger institutions such as The Royal Opera House and Riksteatern.


3. Teater Tre

Teater Tre is a Swedish theatre group established in 1979. Since the beginning, our mission is to make quality theatre for children and youth. Besides giving shows on the stage in Stockholm, the group tours in Sweden and worldwide.


The performances all have themes from everyday life that everyone, young and old, can identify with. Teater Tre wants to put Swedish theatre for children and youth on the world map. Teater Tre is also host many international guest appearances to their home stage in Stockholm.


4. Boulevardteatern

Boulevardteatern has a broad repertoire of own produced productions and guest productions.


The shows produced by Boulevardteatern are for slightly older children. Mostly produced with live actors and in Swedish, they’re most suited for 5+ age of kids. They’re hotly anticipated show “Guj Guji” is produced for between 3-8 year olds. It has already toured in New York and Washington DC.



5. Junibacken

Known mostly for it’s awesome play centre and story train, Junibacken, also has a fantastic theatre programme.


Mostly producing in-house productions from Swedish Children’s authors, new and old, they are played out on the small stage next to Pippi’s house.


The shows are mostly for the under 5’s and never last more than 20 minutes. Presently, the theatre programme is on hiatus but will be back before the start of the Christmas holidays.


6. Barnens Underjordiska Scen (BUS)

Sadly, the future looks uncertain for Barnens Underjordiska Scen. It’s definitely a place to keep an eye on however. Their 2017 production of Alice in Wonderland has been hotly anticipated.


They are based in Södermalm, just on Bondegatan in the trendy district of SOFO.


7. Teater Pero

Teater Pero is probably one of Stockholm’s most loved theatre companies for kids. It’s home productions and touring productions have both won critical acclaim at theatre festivals all over Europe. Their most famous kid’s show, Aston’s Stener (Aston’s stones) about a young boy that adopts lonely stones won several theatre awards.


Because many of their performances travel, they are produced and performed in English.


8. Dramatan

The Royal Dramatic Theatre, founded in 1788 and commonly known as Dramaten, is Sweden’s National Theatre. The theatre has an assignment from the government to perform classical theatre, newly written Swedish and international theatre, and theatre for children and youth. The theatre is owned by the state. The current Managing and Artistic Director is Eirik Stubø.


9. Parkteatern

Parkteatern is one of the most successful initiatives in Stockholm. Free theatre, for all ages, during the summer months and holidays, out-doors. It seems a risky activity in Sweden, especially during the Summer, but it works. It attracts thousands of Stockholmer’s and introduces brand new production companies and plays to the wider audience.


10. Unga på Operan

You might not believe that the Royal Opera House produces opera for children, but it has as of Autumn 2017.


As well as opening their doors for Family Saturday’s, this autumn they’ve produced Myriader av Världen, a music and dance production for the youngest in your family. We’ll be featuring it on the LBA events calendar, look out for it in November.

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