kid's culture centres
in stockholm

Stockholm is a culture maven and no more so than for kids. Our top 10 guide to culture centres for kids is our best yet!! Perfect for these wintery days coming up.


1. Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

THE number one choice for parents in central Stockholm. Situated right in the heart of Norrmalm, opposite T-Central, it caters for 0-18 years. Kulturhuset Stadsteatern has 3 children’s libraries, based on age, a picture-painting studio, children’s theater company and great cafes and restaurants.


There are different programmes every week, and you can find all of the information in English, too, on their website.


2. Marabouparken

You probably recognise the name Marabou but associate it with Sweden’s famous chocolate bar. Well, you wouldn’t be wrong. Marabouparken is based on the old factory site of the Marabou chocolatier. Originally established in 1930’s for the employees of the factory, the park and art gallery was handed over to Sundbyberg’s Kommun for public access and is now managed by the Marabou foundation.

There are several elements for kids, including the Mönster Club, Art classes, Textile Storytelling and photography classes. And, that doesn’t even cover the park grounds itself.


3. Dieselverkstad

Dieselverkstad is a former industrial warehouse set in Sickla, Nacka. Similarly to Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Dieselverkstad has a multi-medium based agenda. However, it’s focus does sit within art, sculpture, painting and new forms of medium. Dieselverkstad also hosts a far wider remit of courses and classes that run on a term base.

Some of the regular classes they offer for kids include:

Baby Dance – 1-4 years

Baby painting  – 1-3 years

Språk kafes!


4. Moderna Museet

You might not think it, but, Modern Museet is a huge resource for kids and during the weekend they host kid’s painting and craft workshops. Their lower levels of the museum are given over to large, open workspaces that host baby painting, family painting and craft building workshops.

You can also book public or private tours for strollers and babies.

Attached to Moderna Museet is the ArkDes centre, specialising in design concept in architecture.


5. Millesgården

The stunning Millesgården sculpture park makes for a beautiful day with the family. It’s free for all children up to the age of 19. And, they offer a fanastic sculpture hunt which needs some art skill, as well as detective skills, to compete!


6. Bergrummet

The newest addition to the Stockholm museum scene, Bergrummet, holds one of the largest collections of toys in Sweden. In fact, it is meant to be the largest!! But, it’s not just a toy collection. It’s a meeting place for generations. Grandparents, mums and dads, uncles and aunties all finding something from their childhood.

One of the most unsual things about the collection is it’s setting. Deep within the caves of Skeppsholmen, underneath Moderna Museet.


7. Scenkonstmuseet

The premiere museum of dance, music and theater in Sweden, and one of Europe’s leading museums for performance. Scenkonst is unique in its fusion of history and modernity, and in offering the opportunity for the audience’s own participation and creativity.

An incredibly interactive experience for kids of all ages.


8. Dansmuseet

A museum, dedicated to the world of dance, movement and performance. Dansmuseet was Founded by Rolf de Maré. Despite the exhibitions not being completely child friendly, the museums dance courses and classes are fantastic. Especially during term breaks at school.


Studio ArkDes

Studio ArkDes is a fantastic workspace which includes a library, a building workshop, a crafts workshop. Based all around design, architecture, building blocks. Their play centre, the Yellow House, is a modern soft play space. You can find all of there events on their calendar on a weekly basis.


10. Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde

Hidden, just around the corner from Gröna Lund, on the island of Djugården, is Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde. A historical art collection curated by the late Prins Eugen, set within a stunning mansion overlooking the mouth of the archipelago. The art gallery sets regular workshops for children around the movements within art and scultpure, art history, art and painting techniques.

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