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Get your floaties and wind-breakers at the ready. Sun’s out, fun’s out on Stockholm’s city beaches.


Tantolunden Beach

Tantolunden beach is the most popular beach in Stockholm because of it’s tropical vibes. It’s affectionately called “Tanto” Beach. In Swedish “tanto” means glamour gran.
On any sunny, summer day, the beach is swamped with bathers, sun worshipers, kids and parents all trying to catch a glimpse of those vitamin D rays. And, this is something to keep in mind, there isn’t much shade at the shoreline so bring a small beach tent or umbrella if you’ve got super smalls with you.
There is an ice cream van and trusty korv stand but I would recommend bringing a picnic and making a day out of it.
To get to Tantolunden beach, take the tube to Hornstull and when you come out of the tubestation on Långholmvägen turn left. Follow the street until you get to a set of stairs that take you down to Tantolunden park and the beach.



Långholmen beach is another favourite of Littlebearabroad. Nevertheless, like Tanto beach it can also get pretty crowded. The plus side is it’s shady and really great for smalls and very little babies to cool off in on a hot summers day.
There is a coffee shop, ice-cream van near by but no changing facilities or functioning toilets. Bring a picnic and some swimmers and you’ll be set for the day.
To get to Långholmen take the tube to Hornstull, walk along Långholmsvägen towards Västerbron, cut to the left of Lasse i Parken and a right onto Bergsundsgatan. Keep to that road until you get to Långholmensbadet. The walk should take you about 22 minutes and is easy to get to with a buggy, too.



Solviksbadet is located in Äppelviken and accessible by commuter train. It’s directly opposite Aspudden with the Mälaren inbetween. During the week the beach is quiet but by the weekend it is hoaching with families and friends hanging out and enjoying the sun.
There are changing rooms available and small kiosk serving coffee and fika. It’s kid friendly with a small play ground and swing set. Plus, the water is shallow enough for little ones to dip their toes in, too.
Visit Solviksbadet webpage here.



Sätrabadet never gets a mention in any of the “best beach” columns and I think it’s such a shame. Firstly, it’s a huge stretch of sandy beach is brilliant for kids and the water is nice and shallow. There are stretches of grassy areas for families to picnic and relax. Plus, there isn’t just one play park, there are two, plus an outdoor gym!
Perhaps the reason that this beach doesn’t get a look in is because it’s quite difficult to get to, but it’s completely worth it and not more so than some of the other beaches in Stockholm.
Take the tube to Skärholmen and walk up towards Ekholmsvägen. It’s a steep hill but all down hill once you get to the top! Once you get to the top of the large hill on Ekholmsvägen take a sharp right and look for signs pointing to Sätrabadet.
Services onsite include a well stocked cafe and changing facilities, outdoor gym, play park and swings for the kids and grill plats. Please note, however, Sätrabadet is an alcohol free zone.
For more info check out the Stockholm Stad page.


Blåa Lagunen Ekerö

Den Blåa Lagunen in Ekerö is like something out of a fairy tale. The cool, turquoise waters are actually whats left of an old quarry, left over from the industrial age. To one side of the laguna is Lake Mälaren.
It’s probably best to take the car when you travel to Ekerö. The journey is quite complicated using public transport and would take twice as long as by car. Still it will be worth every minute once you dip your toes into those crystal blue waters.



Almost on the opposite side of Tantolunden beach is Liljeholmsviken. A quite secluded, very shaded little beach. There is an absolute certainty that no strange smelling korv stands will be waiting there, either.
So, if you’re looking for a moment of peace and quiet from the hustle of city life, this is just the spot. You can also get a brilliant view of Stockholmers and their boats, paddling up and down on the water.



Kanaanbadet is kommun bathing spot i.e. it’s managed and maintained by the local council. It’s located in Hässelby-Vällingby and easy to get to by car, public transport or boat!
The sandy beach and shallow waters are perfect for little ones, and they older kids will get a kick out of the floating pontoon with high dive board.
There is a small cafe and grillplats for BBQ’s. Parking is also available as is changing areas.
For more details about Kanaanbadet check out their website here.


Smedsuddsbadet, Kungsholmen

Again, almost opposite Långholmensbadet is Smedsuddsbadet. It receives mixed reviews but it’s location and centrality can’t be beaten. This is not somewhere to come for peace and quiet. In the summer it is busy, hectic and it sits directly under the flight path to Bromma. However, if you want the kids in the water, having a bit of beach time with their snazzy new inflatables…this is the stretch of sand for you.
For more info and how to find it, check Smedsuddsbadet webpage.



Hagaparken in Solna might seem like an unlikely beach find but it’s got a beauty of a lake at it’s heart and several little nooks and cranies to soak up the sun beside the water.
Happily, it also has fantastic cafes and services, including Fjärilhuset which is a superb way to spend a day in itself.
More than anything, this Royal park is a beautiful example of landscaped nature and it should be treasured throughout the year.


Sickla Sjön

Sicklasjön, historically known as Långsjön and towards Hammarby Sjö.
The lake borders the area known as Nacka friluftsområde (open-air area). Similar to a nature reserve it is a protected area of wildlife, flora and fauna. Despite it’s protected nature, it still is host to an active and sporting recreational scene of kayaking, swimming and fishing.
It’s quite easy to get to, there are local services and amenities, plus a brygga that you can swim from.
Follow for more information at Nacka’s kommun website.

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