Top 10 Raw Food Hangs

For a little bit of the Californian super food, good life here in Stockholm – with raw food restaurants and cafes on the rise, Stockholm’s offering is quickly becoming a health food haven.  Elly Vvaller rounds her top ten for fresh eats.

For a little bit of the Californian super food, good life here in Stockholm.



For the one stop shopper… Pep Stop

The perfect Pep Stop for raw foodies! Created by the Renee Voltaire brand, it’s your one stop shop for ready meals and fresh ingredients. They also offer meal boxes and juice cleanse programs, as well as yoga classes!  Keep an eye on the website for ‘What’s On’ information.


For fika lovers… Unbakery

With the perfect moto of ‘fika for everyone, everyday’, Unbakery’s health driven desserts taste good are also packed full of nutrition.  Refined sugar has been replaced with berries and fruits. Nuts and seeds replace flour and vegetable oil replaces dairy. Better for the body as well as the palette meaning fika should be part of your balanced, daily diet. Hooray!


For healthy food on the go… Matapoteket

Matapoteket is a hidden gem on Bondegaten, this raw food paradise is perfect for a healthy dinner.  Choose from gluten free pizza and acai bowls full of goodness to delicious teas, smoothies and vegetable shots.  They also have a daily lunch menu between 11:00 and 14:00 which changes each week.


For the home grown feeling… Koloni

Koloni focuses it’s menus on ecological ingredients in a thoughtful environment.  There is a hint of bohemian coastal living in their six locations which provide a peaceful sanctuary in a busy city. And, if good food in a feel good environment isn’t enough, you can join their yoga groups or head off to their African retreat for slice of Koloni living.


For a little bit of paradise… Ecobaren at Centralbadet

If you’re looking for a little r&r, Ecobaren is a real body and soul environment.  Escape the daily grind by refuelling your body with raw natural foods and your soul with relaxing spa treatments and therapies. And, in the depths of winter, don’t forget to visit their light bar for your mid-winter vitamin D booster.


For the California dreamers… Reload

Inspired by the superfoods they discovered whilst travelling in the USA, Reload uses fresh healthy ingredients to keep you on top form throughout the day, whether you are a student, you work in an office or need the stamina to keep up with your brood.

With one of the best foodie Instagram accounts I have ever seen, Reload is a raw foodies dream with a fabulous selection of drinks and sweet treats for post lunch indulgence.


For the smoothie lovers… Blueberry

With nine locations throughout Stockholm, Blueberry is somewhat an institution.  A go to for many Stockholmers for smoothies as well freshly prepared ecological food often with raw in mind.  With inspiration from London, New York and LA, Blueberry combines healthy eating within a stimulating  environment, available to everyone throughout their stores.


For the eco warriors… Ecoist

Ecoist is a family run cafe and shop. They pride themselves on their ecological, gluten free, sugar free and milk free philosophy.  The Förde family provide not only good food but also nutrition consultations and advice on food combining.


For the home chef… Paradiset

Paradiset is Scandinavia’s largest grocer purely for ecological and natural product.  With three locations across Stockholm they have everything you’ll need for healthy home cooking. Plus, for you to purchase freshy cooked meals to eat in or take away.


For the raw newbie... Kaffemakarn

Kaffemakarn is a breakfast and lunch restaurant serving fresh and healthy produce daily.  With the focus on breakfasts of yoghurt, muesli and smoothies and gourmet salads for lunch, Kaffemarken bridges the gap perfectly between healthy and raw foods for those who are embarking on these new trends in healthy eating.

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