Littlebearabroad’s 2019 last minute höstlov activities in Stockholm.


Skansen Höstmarknad

The most exciting piece of news is that kids (0-15 years) go FREE to Skansen throughout fall break (27th Oct – 4th Nov). AMAZING. Make the most of the spooky goings on throughout the week. Tall tales and pungent potions.


The autumn gloom descends over Skansen, and uneasy whispers spread through the Old Town Quarter. What terrible disease has gripped the town, and how can the townsfolk protect themselves? Should they go to the pharmacists, with their pills and ointments, or is it better to listen to the Wise Ones and make protective amulets? Strange beings move around the houses and farmsteads. Who is sighing and moaning in the churchyard? Do you dare to visit the Wise Ones at Bollnäs House and the stern sexton at Seglora Church?

There will be all manner of exciting activities at Skansen during the autumn holidays. Listen to spooky tales in the cottages, take part in craft activities and meet the inhabitants of the disease-stricken town. Discover a Skansen where history comes to life!




Celebrate Dia De muertos

The huge popularity of the Pixar film Coco has sky rocketed the Mexican celebration of Dia de los Muertos into popular culture. The Etnografiska Museet has a sold out exhibition taking place throughout höstlov. But, if you weren’t lucky enough to get tickets for this… you can check out Instituto Cervantes Stockholm who are hosting their own celebration and exhibition of the Mexican festival.


Celebrating Dia De los Muertos is an exhibition of the historical context, heritage and traditions of this UNESCO protected festival.


Autumn market at Ulriksdal Palace

For two days, Ulriksdal’s beautiful Palace Park will be filled with exquisite crafts and delicious delicacies from local suppliers. Why not take the opportunity to go on a guided tour of Ulriksdal Palace.


Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th October 2019, 11 – 16, Ulriksdal Slott.


Ulriksdal palace park features stylistic ideals from different eras: the baroque period, the romantic style and modern classicism. The autumn market will be held in the park in front of the palace.


There is no admission charge for the market.


Shockholm Parade 2019

Sat 2nd November, 15:00 – 18:30 brings SHOCKHOLM – Stockholm’s biggest Halloween Parade, and everyone is welcome! The Parade starts at Kungsträdgården, encircles Gamla Stan, down Skeppsbron until we finally reach Kungsträdgården where there will be entertainment, activities and best prize awards!


It doesn’t cost anything to be a part of the parade. The only thing we expect of you is a creative, scary or funny costume or outfit. We will give a prize to the person with the best costume! As a participant of this event, you can either march in the parade, enter with an ekipage or just watch.


More info and rules about competitions, dates and time will be avaliable on their website:


Sunday 3rd November, 16:00, Hagaparken and Brunnsviken.

When twilight falls, we gather to light up the November darkness in Hagaparken and around Brunnsviken. The Light Festival is an annual event initiated by the Haga-Brunnsvikens vänner in collaboration with many participants in the area. The Light Festival is an opportunity to experience Brunnsviken at winter-dusk with light, singing and boat rides. The Edvard Anderson Conservatory and the Victoria House are open in the evening, decorated with candle lights. There will be a torchlight procession from Lappkärrsberget to Bergianska trädgården


For children, you can join the Light Festival parade at Bergianska Trädgården, suitable for children from 5 to years of age.


Make the most of the event by using their new map of activities around Brunnsviken.


Night at the Museum - Nordiska Museet

The door is locked, the lights are off and the staff have gone home. Everything is quiet and quiet. Or..?

What happens at the Nordic Museum when it’s closed? Monday and Tuesday evening during the autumn holidays you have the chance to know. And it’s something mysterious with the museum. It seems to have woken up to life?


What a terrific way to see behind the scenes at a museum. Recommended for kids over the age of 6 years and accompanied with adults. Tickets cost 150sek and the experience lasts from 18:4521:15.


Halloween at Gröna Lund

As the popularity of Halloween and scream-fests deepens in Sweden, so has the lengths that popular attractions are going to to celebrate it. Least of all Gröna Lund, Stockholm’s very own tivoli. Once a year the whole park is transformed by incredible set-design, staff playing the part of zombies and ghouls and terrifying new interactive games like The Sect.


It’s not all scary, with a designated ‘scare free zone’ for families with smaller kids to enjoy a beautiful traditional höstmarknad, house made of candy and kind ghosts.


For those of you who love a good scare dare to enter the House of Even Worse Nightmares, and try to outrun the flesh-eating zombies at Zombie Zone .


Sjöhistoriska - Superstition, screams and sea-monsters!

Stockholm’s maritime museum, Sjöhistoriska, have a jam packed höstlov week in store for visitors with dramatised guided tours, tales of sea monsters and scary sea sirens. Of course, the week wouldn’t be complete without Sjöhistoriska’s treasure hunt and their amazing craft studio Ruspricken.


Littlebearabroad really does think that the Sjöhistoriska museet is one of the most underrated gems for kids in Stockholm.


You can find the full schedule of events on their website and a list of activities on offer, too.


Among Cello Cases and Music Score - Konserthuset

Between the 30th October and the 1st November, Konserthus Stockholm is opening it’s doors to big and small people interested in knowing more about Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. A guided tour, called Among Cello Cases and Music Scores, of the concert house, the home of the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and maybe even a chance to try out some of the instruments, too!


On Thursday 31st October, El Sistema, the international programme for music in schools will be debuting their newly formed orchestra at Konserthus Stockholm as a world premiere! The orchestra is made up of 40 member between the ages of  11 – 19 from all over Sweden. It is free and showing your support by attending will help cement the importance of culture, music, art, freedom of expression for children and their involvement in the arts.


Skogskyrkogården - The Woodland Cemetery

Halloween and the garish (but fun) trappings that go with it are pretty new to Sweden.


Traditionally, the celebration of Allhelgonahelgen, the weekend following All Saint’s Day,  or Allahelgonadagen is a sombre time for reflection and remembrance of lost loved ones. But, it’s also intensely beautiful. The cemeteries are softly lit by the glow of candles and it’s not uncommon to hear quiet singing or softly spoken words around the graves. Thousands of relatives visit the graves of their loved ones around this time of year and the rows and rows of stones glow into the night’s air. It is breathtaking.


One of the most visited sites in Stockholm is Skogskyrogården, the woodland cemetery. The UNESCO protected site sits in the heart of Stockholm and is the final resting places of some of Sweden’s most well known citizens. During the weekend of Allhelgonahelg, 50,000 visitors will descend on the cemetery either to visit friends or witness the spectacle of light.


This is definitely a Swedish cultural tradition you don’t want to miss out on.

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