Winter 2017

Winter Skin Care 2017

The adverse winter weather can reek havoc with your skin’s natural PH balance leading to dry, patchy and unmanagable skin. In some cases, especially in young children, it can lead to extreme eczema and dermatitis. We’ve put together a collection of eko, organic and best in test creams, oils and lotions to protect your skin, this winter.

1. An organic salve to use for everyone in the family, the ingredients are so fine that you can even use it on the smallest babies. Ideal for dry parts such as hands, feet or even face in the coldest days2. Free from water, which can freeze in the coldest of weather, Kokoso adds a protective emollient layer to little cheeks, chins, noses and foreheads – just as important as those adorable snowsuits – whilst also nourishing already weathered skin with its amazing natural nutrients and vitamin E.3. Ingredients include Cuivre PCA, Bisabolol, Ginger4. Paraban free, perfume free, dye free, made in the Denmark5. For young babies and older, creates a water free barrier between the elements and sensitive skin.6. Available over the counter at most good apotek, active substance is Glycerin.7. New Swedish baby and child product. Can be used from tip to toe, as baby massage oil or bath oil.8. Swedish produce from Varberg/Sthlm, Jojoba oil, Petitgrain oil.9. Intensive cream moisturiser, the perfect all rounder from cracked lips to cracked heels and everything in between.10. Estonian product, newly launched. Totally organic and natural laundry detergent based on olive oil blends and using essential oils as fragrance. GENIUS!

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