June 2018

Midsommar Romance

A collection of romantic pieces for Swedish Midsommar ’18. Straw chewing, hazy daze…

Jill Leckie

1. 100% Cotton, lace on the straps, drawstring to adjust the length, adjustable straps with buttons. 89€2. Soft, felt (100% polyester) with elasticated adjustments, handwash at 40c, 149sek from Babyshop.se3. Leather uppers and leather sole, gold coloured buckles, 804sek at Babyshop.se4. Leather upper and leather sole, self-coloured shoe lace, 74€5. Cotton cord shorts with external pockets, £20 from littlecottonclothes.com6. Blue and khaki stripe, mother of pearl buttons, 73.25€ from Tocoto Vintage7. Denim tinted, reinforced stitching, 100% cotton and pre-washed softness, $21.90 from The William Carter Company8. Classic sailor shirt with blue collar, 100% cotton, 499sek9. Classic flattened seagrass straw hat, 99sek10. Cross over buttoning dress with crochet trim skirt, £35 from Little Cotton Clothes11. Stone and light cerulean blue woven striped fabric, cosy - elastisized waistband, wide legs, cropped length, side pockets, 56€

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