BEST Ice Cream Shops

International Ice Cream Day! Let’s celebrate by sharing Stockholm’s top 5 Glassaffärer.



Arguably the most well-known ice cream store is StikkiNikki. With 8 locations around Stockholm now, it’s organic, vegan ice cream concept is definitely #1 in Stockholmer’s eyes.

It also has some of the most elaborate flavours…cheesecake passion swirl or popcorn caramel, hazelnut brown butter or lemon thyme are some of their newest creations.

StikkiNikki was founded by a fellow immigrant, Nicole Emson, originally from Texas, travelled the world before arriving in Sweden. StikkiNikki is now a family operated business that focuses on personal service, fun and product quality.

8 of StikkiNikki’s shops feature in our Eat Stockholm guide.



Snö Gelateria is a bit of a mystery but we assure you, their ice cream is worth searching for. In 2016, Snö won Svenska Glassmästerskapen and their unique flavours and subtle marketing make it them a hidden gem in Stockholm’s cafe culture.

At present, they don’t have a website. But, you can find them on Instagram and Facebook.

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Scarfó is situated in Bromma, just on the outskirts of Stockholm Central. Scarfó is a modern, bright take on a classic Italian gelateria.

It creates Italian inspired recipes using delicious Swedish produce. For example, ‘Fragole & Prosecco’ was created using organic strawberries from Gotland and ‘Latte & fiori di Sambuco’ was created using organic, Swedish milk and elderflowers. Their seasonal ‘Rabarbaro’ is our favourite, of course, using Swedish rhubarb.

But, don’t let us tell you about it, go and try it for yourself. Find more information on our Eat Stockholm guide.


Nordic Fauna Ice Cream

“Nordic Fauna is an adventure. A Swedish response to international super premium ice cream.”


Newly established Nordic Fauna is still making a name for itself. And, its commitment to Scandinavian flavours, hand-made, small batch ice cream out of its tiny ice cream factory in Kräftriket, near Brunnsviken, is catching on.

Life of the craft beer and coffee connoisseur, Nordic Fauna is leading the way of Stockholm’s new wave of ice cream bars; concocted flavours, hand-made and authentically hipster.


Stockholm's Glasshus

Last, but not necessary least, is Stockholm’s Glasshus. Situated in Vasastan, Stockholm’s Glasshus does it all.

It makes the ice cream, it sells the ice cream and it turns the ice cream into ice cream cakes!

If you’ve never heard of an ice cream cake before, where have you been hiding?

Stockholm’s Glasshus is featured in our Eat Stockholm guide.

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