Semla Season 2018
Semla in Stockholm

Semla season is on and as usual there are plenty of deconstructed desserts doing the rounds in Stockholm. SO, what are some of the must-tries of the Fettisdag season?


The Classic Semlor

It’s overwhelming at this time of year to know where to go to find the best Semlor in town. Although we’ve not tried them, we have it on good authority (from several different  sources) that Dessert & Choklad are THE BEST original Semlor in town.


Dessert & Cholad is owned and it’s produce created by Conrad Tyrsen and Ted Johansson. They are reknowned konditori’s and produced the 2013 Nobel dinner desserts.


The Semmelwrap

For the original and classic (?) Semmelwrap head straight to Tosse Bagariet. Since 2015, the semmelwrap has become synonymous with Tosse. Ever since then there have been a rash of deconstructed desserts, for every occassion (I don’t think I’ll ever get over the Lussebröd och Korv).


You can pick up your semmelwrap from Tosse Bagariet on Karlavägen 77.


Prinsesstårta Semlor

Two Swedish institutions rolled into one! The traditional prinsesstårta (usually reserved for birthdays and familial celebrations) and the semlor. For me, this is too much mandelmäss. But, for others with a sweet tooth… (it sort of sets my teeth on edge). Personally, I would place this in the strumming category of, “Not on your nelly”.


If you are partial, you can find these at any good konditori in town.


Croissant Semlor

NOW THIS IS MORE LIKE IT!!! I’m literally giving myself a sugar high writing these article. Croissant Semlor is up there with the croinut and the deep fried chocolate eclair. These bad boys are Espresso Houses semlor smak of the year! You can also find them in selected Bröd och Salt bakeries.


My mouth is watering as I speak…


Nacho Semlor

Hmmm, this creation is born out of the latest celebrity bakery, Mr Cake. A collaboration between Roy Fares and Mattias Ljungberg (of Tosse Bagariet fame).  The new cafe is American inspired with a Swedish twist. I’m predicting it’s going to come out with all sorts of deconstructed desserts in the coming months.


The cafe is swish and slick and the cakes are DELICIOUS… of course, the buns are as big as your face. Definitely a place to take a trip too.



The creation of Haga Bageri. A three layered, creamy, cardamomy goodness. A unique treat to take to the office or to have it at home for the weekend. This is an oversized delight and I challenge anyone to finish it by themselves. Don’t forget, on Fat Tuesday in 1771, King Adolf Fredrik collapsed and died after eating a meal of lobster, caviar, sauerkraut, smoked herring, champagne and 14 servings of semlor and hot milk, his favorite dessert!


Chocolate Semlor

I think this might be my favourite, favourite Semlor… Magnus Johansson Bagari & Konditori’s Choklad Semlor. 


Based out in Hammarby Sjöstad, it’s a bit of a mission to get to but so so worth it! And, not just for the semlor! Chocolate flavoured bun, cardemom and chocolate mouse filling.


Fried Donut Semla

Another creation from Roy Fares and Mattias Ljundberg’s new venture Mr Cake. It must be the Scot in me but I cannot resist anything that is sweet, fried and cream filled. YUM!!!!


CROISSANT + DONUT + SEMLA = oooooo lordy!!!


Semmel Eclair

The Brot Bageri & Patisserie has created the semmeleclair, a delightful fried, sweet dough and stuffed with fluffy cream. YES!!!!


Look at it, JUST LOOK AT THAT… it’s like every patisserie dream come true. Can you taste the sugar icing and the cream filling?


Semmel Waffle

Finally, the waffle obsessed Älskade Traditioner has produced their seasonal Semmel Waffle, once again.


Although this does look utterly tempting… I’m always a bit disappointed by waffles? I mean it doesn’t ever really satisfy me. A bit like pancakes, seem like a great idea at the time but the thin pancakes always disappoint me. Nevertheless, it’s definitely one to try during semla season.

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