Winter 2017


You might have noticed it’s got darker, earlier recently! HA! Well, with darkness must come light. And, in the interest of everyones safety, you need REFLEX!! Or, Hi-Vis to you and me.

by jill Leckie

1. Reflexgarn is available from all good pyssel or craft stores and is perfect for hats, gloves and scarves.2. For those of us who can't be bothered to knit! Available in different colours from any good Lindberg retailer, 249sek3. Available in different styles and colours. You can pick them up from Clas Ohlson, 39,90sek4. 134cm diameter and rubberised handle. Available from Clas Ohlson, 149sek5. Magnetic, LED lamp that can be fixed to anything. Available from Clas Ohlson 39,90sek6. Adjustable, 5cm wide strap vest that goes 360 around the body. Available from 29,90sek7. Available from Babyshop.se8. Reflex decals for buggy wheels. Available at Babyshop.se9. Adjustable, stretchy reflex armband with space and alient motifs. Available from

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