Pink or Blue?
How about rainbow...

Pink or Blue? What about rainbow? Well, at Goodordering, we believe they can, and we present that in our range of unisex kids bags. Our bags are inspired by Japanese school bags with a touch Scandinavian design.

We are often told the days of gender specific clothing are over but are they really? A girl in a blue t-shirt may have long been accepted but how about a boy wearing a so called girls colour? My friends son’s favourite colour is pink but he is still being told that pink is for girls…is it? Why can’t kids just be kids, decide what they like and be individuals?


Well, at Goodordering, we believe they can, and we present that in our range of unisex kids bags. Our bags are inspired by Japanese school bags with a touch Scandinavian design. Whilst our bags have style and are functional, the colours scream variety and individualism. We have had a gender neutrality at the top of our list when choosing the colours and until today that is one of the things our customers like the most. Every little explorer will find their perfect bag!


Beau Loves

Founded in 2010 by Faye Wild and inspired by her fearless little boy Beau.


Beau Loves is a London based kids wear brand creating unique collections of gender-neutral clothes. The clothes are fun and quirky and very importantly created with love in the UK and Portugal.


Gardner and the Gang

Gardner and the Gang is a very unique children’s clothing line by Kristin Nystrom. The Swede who lives in Singapore started the brand in 2012. She draws all the prints and each one of her characters have a specific story to tell, which makes this brand absolutely fun and quirky.



Indikidual is another unisex brand we love. This brand uses organic cotton and truly lets kids personalities shine. Indikidual really invites children to be children, to be playful, to be expressive and most importantly be individual.



Nununu is another one of our favourites. They stepped away from the bright colours and what they called often bad taste… The founders of the brand Iris and Tali believed that children were potential people and that becoming a parent didn’t mean you had to stop being cool. They started creating clothes they would wear themselves and they actively chose black as their main colour to create a blank slate, ready to be filled with ideas.


Bobo Choses

Bobo Choses is a Spanish clothing label and it has this beautiful slogan once upon a time there was a brand that spoke the language of children. That probably sums up the whole brand as it offers fun designs and comfortable shapes. Kids love it and so do we. So it only made sense that we sourced our favourite Bobo Choses items for our Mini photoshoot last year!


But it’s not just us and our favourite brands that follow the trend of unisex kids wear, it can also be found on the high street and so we were showered with joy when we read about John Lewis getting rid of their boys and girls labels in children’s clothing. The UK retailer didn’t get rid of floral skirts and pink t-shirts and so by removing specific labels they are simply proving the point that they can be worn by both boys and girls. John Lewis is also looking to switch the school uniform section, which will be a revolutionary step into the only direction forward. We are all individuals and should therefor be able to choose for ourselves whether that be the foods we choose to taste or the clothes we choose to wear.


We at Goodordering are surely excited to be a part of this recognisable change! To see our whole collection please visit


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Words by Rhona Springer.



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