In the last few weeks, we’ve all discovered a new found love of digital and online resources for our kids. But, throw into the mix multiple languages or cross-cultural nuances and it can be difficult to find an app that caters for your needs. So, Littlebearabroad asked an expert.

Tiffany is an educator and head of Makerspace at Tom Tits Experiment, one of Sweden´s largest science centers with 500 experiments spread out over four floors and a large park. Tiffany loves talking about effective usage of digital resources in schools and preschools, makerspace activities, programming in the classroom, and sustainable development for a sustainable future! Tiffany is an expat from the US who has lived in Sweden for 11 years. She has two little makers, 6-year-old Zoë and 2-year-old Max. These are her own personal tips and reflections on engaging and educational apps you may or may not have heard of. Most of them are free of charge, ALL of them are ad-free.