Family Christmas Concerts
In Stockholm

Celebrate Christmas with Littlebearabroad’s Christmas concert guide for kids in Stockholm.


Fairytale Snowflake - Konserthuset Stockholm

In the musical story of Snowflake, we follow a snowflake who thinks it is really cosy to be sitting up in the cloud. Why should she come down and lay on the ground to melt?


As part of their MINI series, Big Music for Small Ears, the Swedish Philharmonic Orchestra, along with Ayla Kabaca, tell this musical fairytale.


After the concert, get the chance to meet the musicians and even try out some of the instruments!


Concert: Sat 1st December 11:30, 13:00 and lasts roughly 45 minutes. You can find out more via LBA event calendar.


Lucia Concert - Berwaldhallen

Nacka Music School offers a traditional Lucia Tåg for the whole family, with the well-known opera singer Hillevi Martinpelto and Carl Ackerfeldt.


The concert hall is lit by both candles and singing with classic Advent and Lucia songs as well as modern favourites. Take a break from everyday life and enjoy peaceful retreat with classical and beloved singers.


Concert: Sun 9th December, 16:00 and 18:00. Get more info from LBA’s even calendar. 


Lucia for Big and Small - St Göran's Kyrkan

A traditional Lucia Tåg concert adapted for even the smallest of attendees. Specifically for young children and their parents to attend. Children are encouraged to attend in their Lucia dress and participate in the Lucia Tåg. Enough to make even the coldest heart shed a tear.


Concernt: Thur 13th Dec, 10am – 11am. You can find out more info from LBA’s event calendar.


Children's Christmas Concert 2018

Konserthus Stockholm will join along with Santa, Mrs. Clause, and all the little elves get ready for Christmas – with many of our most popular and beloved Christmas carols.


Members of the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra appear with additional musicians and children from Nacka Musikklasser. Fredrik Lycke, whose vast credentials include the Gothenburg Opera, Malmö Opera, Folkoperan and more, joins TV host (Bolibompa) and musician Nina Hjelmkvist in the roles of Santa and Mrs. Clause.


Leading the concert will be Christoffer Nobin, a rising star among Swedish conductors who has recently worked with ensembles including the London Symphony Orchestra and Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie in Berlin. In Sweden, he has conducted the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra and more. All of this just three years after his debut concert.


Concert: 16th December, 14:00 and 16:00. Tickets are available directly from


Christmas Concert - Berwaldhallen

What would be Christmas without music? Take a break from the stress and the excitement the last days before Christmas with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Radio choir.


The concert lasts 1 hour and 20 minutes and is totally family friendly.


Concert: 19th, 20th and 21st December, find out more from LBA’s event calendar.


Lucia at Skansen

Music and singing plays a huge part in the Lucia celebrations at Skansen. Several concerts and musical processions will take place between the 13th – 15th December. There is an extensive programme of events. All brought together by the wonderful festive atmosphere, and warming Christmas market activity that keeps Skansen lit throughout December.


Find out more via the LBA event calendar.

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