‘Tis the season of Glögg! Aaah, but what is Glögg? Glögg (pronounced Gluuugg) is one of the best Christmas traditions Sweden has come up with…its sweet and spicey and all things nicey. Unlike mulled wine, its smooth and well rounded with dozens of different flavours. Of course, the best thing is that its fantastically alcoholic (especially, if like our household, you add a shot of something even stronger – ZING!).

But not everyone can enjoy a ‘hot toddy’ of the good stuff so Littlebearabroad came up with a brilliant alcohol free version of Glögg. This is suitable for kids of 3+.

1 lt. Apple Juice (your choice brand/flavour)

1 seville Orange (sliced)

4cm of ginger (sliced)

a handful of whole cloves

3 whole cinnamon sticks

half a dl of honey

20 cardamom seeds (not pods, SEEDS)

seeds from half a fresh vanilla pod

Instructions: Chuck it all together in a pan and simmer for an hour…(Jamie style)

YUMMMMM! Your house will be smelling like Christmas in no time.


For the alcoholic version, replace the apple juice with white or red wine (as sweet as possible, a muscadet). Replace the orange and the honey with LOADS OF SUGAR, to taste. Once simmered for an hour, you can top up in individuals’ glasses with either rum, calvados, cognac. SWEET, literally.