Exploria Centre, Fittjavägen 22, 145 53 Norsborg

Firstly, I don’t think I have ever been in a soft play centre that is this big. It’s the size of a small town, in fact it’s probably bigger than a small town. I’m not sure it is actually the biggest play centre in Europe, but it feels like it! Exploria has a dozen different elements to it from laser tag, bowling and go-carting to a wild west themed restaurant, themed party rooms and the biggest soft play space.

In the Lekland or soft play centre there are different areas; winter land, jungle land, under-water land, baby soft play and a stage show. It’s a WHOLE DAY affair, not something you can just pop into on an afternoon after school. The centre is also pretty difficult to get to, unless you’re on the red line of the tube or you have a car. Norsborg is far south of Stockholm and travelling with a toddler on the tube or in the car to get to a play centre might not be your cuppa tea. But, once you get there, especially if you have older kids, it is 100% worth it.

Another drawback about Exploria is the cost. It’s quite pricey and the more you want to do, the more expensive it gets.

Lekland 0-1 year, free
Lekland 1 year, 70:-
Lekland 2-18 year, 150:-

Dinosaur land, + 80:-
Traffic skolan, + 60:-
Fireman skolan, + 60:-