Hello Alex tell us a bit about yourself and what you know about life in Sweden?


My name is Alex I have lived in Stockholm for a year, we moved here for my husband Daniels work. I had my son here which was amazing.
I have met lots of lovely people mainly through Meetup. Without it I would not have experienced the places I have been. Especially if you have young children, The Stockholm International Parents Meetup is fantastic and the English-speaking playgroup Högalid Hedgehogs.


What do you love about living in Sweden?

I can get on the bus for free with my push chair, which means I always have freedom


What do you and your family miss about your home country and why?

A good pub, you can’t beat it


What has been the most challenging about moving and settling in Sweden?

It is not cheap living here, and it is hard to find cheaper alternatives. Best not to compare with other countries prices and accept.


What’s been the most surprising thing about living in Sweden?

Every one speaks amazing English, which does not make you feel lonely.


If there was one thing you and your family could bring from your home country what would it be?

A good pub, or cheaper Marmite


What’s your favourite way to spend a day with the family in Stockholm

When the weather is clear and bright walking around the city is just amazing. You can cover a lot of areas with plenty of fika stops along the way.


If you were visiting, which area would you want to stay in

Sodermalm is a great Island, I live in Hornstull which is on Sodermaln and in the summer you have the opportunity to visit the beaches in Tanto Park or Langholmen, and you are not far from the city.


Ok, we’ve got 24 hours with our kids in the city what are the THREE things we have to do?

If it is Sunny:
Natural History Museum, then take the Bus 670 to Vaxholm island enjoy the beaches and the cafes Vaxholm Hembygdsgards Café. Take the Boat back to Stockholm. If the kids are not tired walk back to your hotel ideally thru Gamla Stan the old town

If it is winter:
Vasa Museum and the Abba museum are on the same island, the Rosendales Garden is open all year round and is a nice walk from the Abba museum, Enjoy the soup in the café.


What’s the best FREE thing to do in?

Modern Museum and Kulturhuset Rum for Barn


Eating out is always tricky when you factor in BF friendly and changing facilities. Where would you recommend for:

A coffee; Espresso House in Drottninggatan has a play area and buggy park, although it does get very busy
Lunch; Modern Museum have a good buffet on at the weekends, with amazing views, good space for buggies and play areas for the kids
Dinner; Fotografiska again has lovely views of Stockholm and the opening hours are late, which means it is good for some late night culture.

If you don’t have the kids;  Meatballs for the People to feel really Swedish, in Sofo which also means good bars for a Cocktail


When you bring friends to Stockholm what are they always most surprised about?

How much water their is in and the beaches in the summer.


If it’s raining where’s good to go?

Sparvagnsmuseet, the transport museum. A sweet train ride, a toy museum and lots of different transport to explore. Seems a little basic, but the kids will love it and it is not too expensive, plus the café is cheap


You’re caught short with the kids – where are the best baby changing facilities?

Espresso House normally has changing facilities and you will always find one of those. The best place I think so far is Modern Museum


Where should we head for:

Action and adventure? If it is snowing take your sledge to Haga Park, if it is sunny then Tanto Park especially the beach
Creative Fun? Kulturhuset at Rum for Barn has a painting area at the back, your child can paint for 30sek.


Fill in the blanks:

The best views of Stockholm are from: if you walk along the North side of Soldermalm, if raining then Modern Museum.
Don’t go home before you’ve visited: the Vasa Museum
If you leave the kids at home: make sure you check out this bar/pub Hornstulls Bodega very small but intimate, it will feel you are on your first date.
If you have time: eat in the restaurant next door Linje Tio very nice Tapas.
My favourite shop is: Judits vintage shop on Hornsgatan, great for a little shop. A perfect mix of new and vintage clothes. Window displays are always amazing
The best park is: Tanto, beaches, and a lovely walk along south Sodermalm
The best toy shop is: Stadmission Charity shop, lots of good finds and a lot cheaper


And finally in Stockholm what is your insider top tip:

Brunch and Berns, a lot of good food in a wonderful setting