Thursdays, 13:00 – 13:45, The FMLY Place, Roslagsgatan 57, 113 54

Sing, dance, & play as you bond with your child.


What is Zumbini?

It’s a program where the science of child development meets the magic of Zumba®! Designed by Baby First and Zumba for children 0 to 4 years old and their parents / care-givers, the Zumbini™ program takes little ones on their first steps toward an active, musical life. Together adults and their young children wiggle, sing, and learn, for the ultimate bonding experience.


In short, the happiest hour for you and your baby.


Over the course of the 6 weeks we will cover:

  •  Music and movement experience designed for children between 0-4 years old with their parents or caregivers
  • A bonding experience for all involved, including caregiver to a child, child-to-child, and caregiver-to caregiver. The bonding occurs with the facilitation of a fun, musical environment.
  • Provides exposure to music and all of its benefits. This includes dancing, singing, and playing instruments.  They learn to feel the music, feel the beat, and then feel free to express themselves and active discovery.
  • Core developmental benefits: cognitive, physical (motor skill), emotional, social.
  • Original take-home materials, including music, songbooks, and different plush toys each semester to continue the fun and learning at home.

Course schedule:

Term 1 Starts: 

Thurs 10th Sept 13:00

Thurs 17th Sept 13:00

Thurs 24 Sept 13:00

Thurs 1st Oct 13:00

Thurs 8th Oct 13:00

Thurs 15th Oct 13:00

Term 2 Starts:

Thurs 5th Nov 13:00

Thurs 12th Nov 13:00

Thurs 19th Nov 13:00

Thurs 26th Nov 13:00

Thurs 3rd Dec 13:00

Thurs 10th Dec 13:00

How to book: 

Click on the link here to head to our booking system to book your spot.