April 24 15.30 – Lisa Adbåge reads her acclaimed picture book about the power to say no; Those who decide.

April 25th 15.30 – Learn more about colours and shapes in the garden when Carin and Stina Wirsén join us on a journey among leaves and busy seeds in his new book Odla with Omar.

April 26 15.30 – Meet the shrew Vips when Oskar Jonsson reads Vips by the brook.

27 April 15.30 – Anna Höglund reads her poetic, picture story The Transformation.

28 April 12.00 – Pernilla Gesén is reading her book Smyga, Spana, Snoka, one of the two books in this year’s world book.

April 28th, 13.00 – We promise giggles when Sara Ohlsson comes and reads her new book Frallan is the Best.