Fri 24th March, 18:00, at NAV, Nacka/Värmdo Kommun

The second part of the Tillitsverket: Växa Tillsammans workshops takes place this weekend. This weekend the focus will be on TeaterLek or Theatre Play.

Tillitsverket directly translates to “trust work” or “trust agency”. Tillitsverket was started by a group of educators, pedagogical leaders, artists, creators and entrepreneurs. Together they produce workshops, courses and seminars for young adults, children and adults about how to use creative autonomy in building self-confidence, self-worth and imagination

The weekend of the 24th – 25th  March is the second part of their course “Växa Tillsammans” or “Grow Together” is taking place at NAV.

The weekend begins on Fri 10th at 18:00 with a short seminar for parents about story telling through play and listening. The weekend continues on Saturday 11th at 09:30 for both parents and children in which children will learn about story telling, fantasy and imagination.

For more information and details go to Tillitsverket website.