Stockholm’s Film Festival (SFF) starts on the 8th November for 10 days and has an impressive line up this year. The opening film, The Shape of Water, starring Sally Hawkins and directed by Guillermo del Torro is an unlikely “red carpet” but sets the tone for the remainder of the festival.


Not one for fawning at the heels of Hollywood celebrity, SFF has been likened to that of the Rome Film Festival or, the longest running film festival, The Edinburgh International Film Festival.


This year, the programme is bursting with short and documentary, including the second part of Al Gore’s doc “An Inconvenient Truth: Truth to Power”. Vanessa Redgrave will be honoured and a special programme honouring Michael Nyqvist’s memory on November 12, 15:00, including Peter Schønau Fog’s “You Disappear”, Ulf Rollof’s “We” and a silent minute.


You can get all of the programme information, venue information and tickets via their website, here.