Saturday 1st February 2020, 13:00, Stadsbiblioteket, Stockholm

With the National Sápmi Day approaching on Thursday 6th February, Sameföreningen in Stockholm is hosting a story telling and historical day at Stadsbiblioteket.

For children: Marja Ek tells stories, in Swedish with Southern Sami words, to the smallest and slightly older children in sagorummet

At 13: For the youngest (3-5 years).
At 14: For the slightly older (6-8 years).

For adults: 12-14: Inge Frisk from the Swedish Society of Stockholm talks with the actress and art therapist Ylva Gustafsson, known from the movie “Sameblod”, and the artist Emma Göransson, who has renewed the urban landscape in several places in Stockholm and explored its history, for example in the artwork Sápmi / Min grandmother’s dream.

When: Saturday 1st February 2020, 13:00

Where: Stadsbiblioteket, Sagorummet 

Cost: Free