Monday 13:30 – 14:15, The FMLY Place STHLM, Roslagsgatan 57 113 54.

The benefits of post-natal yoga:

  • It can assist in the healing of women’s bodies after pregnancy and birth, especially abdominal muscles and pelvic floor
  • To stabilise and realign the pelvis after pregnancy
  • To stay calm and focussed in the midst of all of the new challenges of caring for her baby
  • To bond with her baby, and her partner in their new family unit
  • To relieve other common postnatal problems including loose, aching joints, swollen ankles and lower back pain
  • To relieve the physical side effects of caring for a baby including stiff necks, shoulder issues and lower back pain from carrying and feeding a baby
  • To cope more skilfully with tiredness, sleep deprivation and emotional instability
  • As an on-going tool throughout her life with her children, yoga can help a woman to feel more centred and grounded, stronger both physically and emotionally, healthier and better equipped to capably and skilfully deal with all of life’s challenges as a mother and a woman.

We are delighted to be able to offer English-speaking post-natal yoga with one of Sweden’s most experienced and passionate yoga instructors, Helen Larsson.



Helen has practiced and studied yoga for almost 25 years. She leads yoga for all ages and specializes in yoga for children and perinatal mothers. She organizes yoga camps and other activities in the school holidays. Helen also hosts children’s yoga workshops and programs, aimed at both school and preschool staff and for yoga teachers and private individuals. She is also the author of a book about barnyoga, “Yoga with Children” (Lava Publisher). Helen is also a trained sound masseuse and has immersed in the combination of yoga and sound.


In this 5 WEEK course we’ll be covering the following:

  • focuses on the early months of life with baby.
  • Bonding movement, light massage, breathing exercises to increase oxytocin and offer light relief from the rush of post-natal hormones.
  • Simple and guided meditation using singing bowls and breathing exercises.
  • Easy to remember yoga flows that incorporate baby.
  • A safe and familiar setting to meet like minded parents in those early stages of parenthood.

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