This weekend, meet Pettson and Findus and follow a family tour of the historical stately home, Julita Gård.

Part of the Nordiska Museet, Julita Gård is a stunning example of 19th century Sweden.

Join Pettson and Findus in their own garden as they tend and manage their crops, feed the animals and mend their fences. There is a whole programme of activities that starts from 11:30 in the morning and finished up around 4pm. To accompany the garden activities there is a play room, historical representation of Pettson’s house and a small exhibition about the author of Pettson and Findus, Sven Nordqvist.

The family tour of Julita Gård starts at 2pm and lasts for 40 minutes.

To get to Julita Gård you can take the train to Katrineholm or Eskilstuna. Do take a look at their home page, you can find it on the Nordiska Museet website.