Tues 12th November 2019, 19:00 – 21:00, Littlebearabroad HQ,  Roslagsgatan 57, Stockholm

Has trying to get a job in Sweden left you scratching your head and wondering ‘WTF?!’ That’s how we feel, too. Which is why we partnered up with specialists in the field of recruitment for international talent to ask those questions.

In collaboration with Incluso, the professional recruitment and staffing services for international talent  business, MamaMötet is hosting a myth busting session dedicated to the Swedish job market and recruitment process.

The session will take on the form of a ‘town hall’ or Q&A session with Incluso’s experts, Marianne Nilsson and Karin Persson, taking questions about four key areas:

  • An overview of the Swedish job market.
  • The recruitment process in Sweden.
  • How to use Arbetsförmedlingen and access other tools.
  • The Swedish internship

The evening will take place at our newly acquired venue in Vasastan! We ask that everyone attending please purchase a ticket.

Grab your tickets for this insightful evening! They cost 180 SEK and include refreshments.


Incluso specializes in recruitment and staffing services for international talents. They match international professionals with the needs of Scandinavian employers through open positions and tailor made internships. They also offer workshops in diversity management as well as individual and group coaching for international talents looking to start their career in Sweden/Scandinavia.