Tues 9th April 2019, 19:00 – 22:00, M1, 1C Mariatorget, Södermalm.

Are you stressed; is your immune system being compromised because of it? Do you feel like you’re constantly being chased by metaphorical bears? The life style, and in turn pressure, we are expected to fulfil in the 21st Century is so unattainable we’re stressing our bodies to the max.

But, did you know that by simply taking 5 minutes a day to follow some breathing exercises, you can realign your nervous system and reverse the affects of stress on your internal organs, immune system and brain function.

Join the MM crew for a night with Kirsty Lewis, founder of Got Vitality, to learn the basics of recognising stress and a depressed immune system. Kirsty is a triathlete, adventure runner, nutritionist, and coach. But, more importantly she’s a mum who totally understands the massive pressures we are under to have it all.


© Kirsty Lewis, Got Vitality, 2019


Kirsty will be sharing how to tell the difference between short term and long term stress, the two different nervous systems (news to me), exercises you can do at home to reduce your stress levels and what REAL super foods you should be eating to promote brain, vascular and nervous system health.

When: Tues 9th April 2019, 19:00 – 22:00

Where:  M1, 1C Mariatorget, Södermalm, Stockholm

Cost 350 SEK

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