MamaMÖtet Sept 2019
the power of saying 'no'
with Jo Hall

Tues 10th September, 2019, 19:00 – 22:00, 1C Mariatorget, Södermalm


Is it too impolite to say ‘NO’ to that invitation to someone’s house for dinner? Is it too impolite to say ‘NO’ to that piece of work that would be great for the cash but might just break you mentally. Is it too impolite to say ‘NO’ to that creep at the bar who keeps sending drinks to you or catching your eye, or worse even, touching you.


From an early age, our generation were taught not to be impolite, we’re told that by saying ‘NO’ we were being badly behaved. But, weren’t we just practicing taking ownership of our autonomy and making choices that will keep us safe and healthy in the future?


How many times have you felt deeply uncomfortable, or done something that you’re not entirely sure you are ok with, but have been too afraid to say ‘No’. It might have been at work, or at school, or perhaps in a social situation. Unlearning that warped sense of duty and politeness we can protect our integrity and autonomy. It’s the first line of defence in self-defence. Join MM for an evening of stepping up and into your own power of saying ‘NO’, some swift and fast self-defence moves that will get you out of troubling situations ( we promise, no hitting is involved ), and an open discussion about how we teach future generations the power of saying ‘NO’.


Jo Hall, is a self-defence instructor, Mamori Budo sensai, PT, massage therapist and founder of the Good to Go gym in Kungsholmen. She’s passionate about creating safe spaces for women to train in and learn the art of self defence…


When: Tues 10th Sept 19:00 – 22:00

Where: M1, 1C Mariatorget, Södermalm, Stockholm

Cost: 350 SEK


Book your ticket here and never have a problem with saying ‘NO’ again.


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