Seven out of ten jobs in Sweden come through contacts. Very early on, you learn that a large and relevant network is necessary to start a career in Sweden. At the same time, Swedes can appear cold, reserved, and difficult to get to know on a deeper level. For a newcomer, this combination can seem rather daunting. How do you build a network from scratch when the locals show very little interest in opening up their existing circles?

In this workshop, we will look at the ideological reasons behind this almost national mindset, defining the relationship between the state, the individual and the family, and discuss what social codes are generated from this. With a more practical approach, we will go through unwritten rules for conversation topics, taboos, and in what contexts professional networking is appropriate. We will also discuss the question of personal identity as compromised in a foreign cultural context.

Sofi is the co-founder of Bee Swedish, a small company specialising in everything related to Swedish language, culture and communication. For the last nine years, she has helped hundreds of internationals to understand and integrate the Swedish way of communicating.
The workshop will take place on Thurs 19th October 2017 at, the home of the internet in Sweden.

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