8th December, 13:00 and 18:00


The Lucia tradition is unique to Sweden. Eleven nights before Christmas, Saint Lucia, with a crown of burning candles, brings light into the northern winter darkness. Her entourage of girls and boys sing songs in the old Swedish tradition, dating back to medieval time.

Our different Lucia concerts feature some of the leading children and adult choirs in Stockholm. Choose between medieval mystic in Stockholm Cathedral or baroque in St Jacob’s Church.

This concert is open for all ages. Children under 2 year of age has free entrance and must be seated on the lap of an adult. Ticket must be booked and taken out for fire safety. Order via e-mail: info@musikstorkyrkanstjacob.com. Or, from Stockholm Cathedral’s website.

Stockholm Musikgymnasium’s Chamber Choir

Helene Stureborg conductor

Tickets: 80, 120, 150, 225, 270 SEK
Please note, that the tickets will have the Swedish name: Lucia i Storkyrkan familjekonsert