Sunday 5th May 2019, 11:00-13:00, Östermalms Föreningsråd


Welcome to our Music Sessions with Sheila & Mike!
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About our facilitators
Mike Loshak is a music teacher, lecturer and functional music therapist with 20 years experience in his field. Mike is passionate about making musical expression accessible and successful for everybody. Mike speaks English and Swedish.

Sheila Robson Loshak is a Speech and Language Therapist, lecturer, researcher and teacher with more than 15 years experience enabling people who typically experience environmental barriers to activities of daily living. Sheila speaks English and regularly butchers the Swedish Language to the ‘delight’ of her students and family.

This series of workshops have the following goals:

To empower families to play together, using music as a means of bonding.

To use music and sound to develop communication skills for children and their communication partners.

To have fun.

First Session – What to expect

Part 1: Quiet Group Session!

A) Activities to promote listening..
Sound location.
Sound tracking.

B) Activities to promote turn taking and explore children’s access to musical instruments and voice.

C) Activities to promote anticipation, listening and turn-taking development.

These activities will involve single, quiet, gentle sounds led by the facilitator. There will be some gentle piano or guitar accompaniment to activities in section B.

Break for FIKA / parent mingle….. free play for children.

We will provide access to quieter instruments at this time.

Part 2
Mike and Sheila will run parallel sessions.

Small room: Mike will work with children 1:1 using aspects of FMT for anyone who would like to try this. Sessions will last approximately 10 – 15 minutes. Parents are welcome to sit in and observe.

Main room: Noisy(ish) Group Session!

Music and body movement.

A) Using recorded music to listen and respond to music with the whole body.

B) Circle of a song: singing activities to improve body awareness and play.

C) Make a happy noise! Exploring access to musical instruments in all forms and make music together that sounds good!! Honest!!

Free play and time for questions!


Our maximum number is 6 children and a minimum of 4.
We would also like to limit the number of adults present as too many can be intimidating for many children. For this reason, we ask that only one adult accompany your child. This limit excludes necessary personal assistants. We are happy for children to attend one session, one session and part of the other session as they develop their tolerance for a sensory environment that is not their preference- or both sessions. A break out sensory room will be provided.

***Spaces will be allocated on a first come, first served basis*
***We also encourage families who DO NOT have children with additional needs to join us, however, PRIORITY is given those who do.*

Cost: 75:- per child
Payment via swish – 1234307013