There is a wealth of music, singing and children’s theatre happening at Junibacken just now. 3 shows, to be  sure!



“The ‘letter bakery’ or Bokstavsbageriet is a fast-paced and improvisational game with the alphabet. The shape of the letters, words beginning with the letters, the twists and turns and the scary wobbly S – together with the bakers, the children bake the whole alphabet!” Suitable for 3+

Puss puss sant sant

“A popfest for energetic legs, rocky ears & bouncing hearts!
In the popular costume concert, Junibacken’s orchestra invites on a rocky masked cavalry. This is a music experience that revolves around what it’s like to be a little person, or a big person. If you dream about, hoping for and about what you miss.” Suitable for 3+


“It’s wonderful to be five years! But it can be terrible too. Sometimes. And just as is our idea of Sparvel. Up and down, here and there. Just like life!

Sparvel is based on Barbro Lindgren’s autobiographical book trilogy and is played on a specially designed scene in Barnhans country, part of our new exhibition.
At the theater level there are just over a hundred people and here the audience can sit, big and small.

Through Sparvel we get to experience just how easy, hard and strange the world is if you have not understood it or have not explained it yet.” Suitable for 5+