Sunday 27th October, 2019, 12:00, Fasching, Kungsgatan.

In a city, not unlike the city you live is a jazz club called ‘Fasching’. If you go to the club on the 27th October  you’ll meet Kalle, Nils and the rest of their friends who will play loud, sing powerful songs and tell awesome stories for you.

The Grammy nominated music from the story podcast I En Stad comes back to Fasching with more stories of love, bravery, loneliness, dreams. The podcast, I En Stad, uses storytelling, music and song to enthral young listeners.

Concert is suitable for kids 5+ and tickets are available from Fasching.

When: Sunday 27th October, 2019.

Where: Fasching, Kungsgatan 63, Sweden

Cost: Adults (150 SEK), Kids (100 SEK).