The summer has officially started when Gröna Lund re-opens it’s doors. The 2018 season starts on the 28th April 2018 at 12:00.


In addition to the adrenaline pumping rides and thrill seeking games, you can enjoy live, outdoor concerts from the 2nd May – 28th Sept. Artist, including Macklemore, The Vamps, Marilyn Manson, Beck, Queens of the Stone Age, Ziggy Marley, The GooGoo Dolls, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Billy Idol and Molly Sandén, all perform on the main stage. And, you can get access to all of these concerts for a one off payment of 270sek.


If you purchase Gröna Lund’s Grönkort you can get free access to the park (not the rides) and the summer concerts.