Happy Feet (2-3 years, with parents) – starts Sunday Sept 6th 2020 (week #36)


In collaboration with STAGES academy for theatre and dance, Littlebearabroad would like to introduce our new dance programme, Tiny Dancers, designed for kids between the ages of 2-6 years. Learning about rhythm, keeping beat, expressive movement and collective training in a fun, informal setting. This programme has been created by STAGES creative director, Amanda Cox.


Happy Feet (2-3 years) parent and child classes are designed to help your baby/toddler enhance their coordination and rhythm.


With the use of nursery rhymes, family favourite songs and materials such as hoops, ribbons and instruments, you’ll have lots of fun together whilst nurturing your little ones natural love for movement.


Parent and child classes are a great way to set aside time to bond with your child while doing activities that you might otherwise not have the chance to do. Happy Feet classes will engage you and your child in critical skill building and good old fashioned fun. You and your child will have a great time while he or she develops social and cognitive behaviour.


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The cost of this 11 week parent and child class is 2640 SEK (incl. 6% tax)