In today’s episode we’re sorting through what you can, what you can’t and where you might be able to find those home comforts in Sweden.

After asking our Littlebearabroad Facebook group what sort of home comforts they missed in Sweden we were inundated with over 100 responses!!! From ziploc bags, cooking spray and jaffa cakes; to sausages, vapo-rub and hot sauce!

In the episode we mention a couple of website and online stores where you might be able to find what you’re looking for.

***EDIT: as of this episode’s release, we realise that BOOTS has now stopped shipping to Sweden***

The English Shop

The Little Britain Shop

The British Corner Shop

The American Food & Drink Store (according to Charles)

Gray’s American Stores (Whole Sale)

Taylor & Jones – Butchers (Stockholm based)

Milner’s British Catering (Stockholm based)

Next Online

Lloyds Apotek



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